50 m 2: 50 €/month 70 m 2: 65 €/month 100 m2: 90 €/monthIncluded in rent:

  • Signage of the boundaries of the orchard.
  • The water needed to irrigate, with a water intake in each plot to connect irrigation system, either drip or sweating (recommended). We ask for responsible use of water.
  • Use and enjoyment of the rest area (barbecue, tables, shading…). With exclusivity of some elements when booking through the web (maximum once a month).
  • Parking.
  • Toilet use.

Rules of Huertos La Punta:

  • The use of the plot is exclusively for the cultivation of vegetable spices (legal).
  • The assignee cannot make any kind of building or construction on the plot, nor have animals.
  • Plant remains should be deposited in the area intended for this purpose.
  • Each user must take care of their own trash. There's no garbage in Orchards La Punta.
  • Responsible use of water should be made, without over-watering or wasting it. Leaks in the irrigation system, however small, will be avoided at all costs.
  • Burns of any kind are completely prohibited. Please note that barbecues are only allowed between 15 October and 1 May.
  • Adjacent plots cannot be invaded, the growth of the orchard must be kept under control.
  • It is forbidden throughout the enclosure of Huertos La Punta to listen to music by any means other than personal headphones.
  • Cars must be well parked in the car park (they can only be located next to the plot for loading and unloading).
  • When opening the barrier (next to the road) the padlock should always be closed in the chain.
  • Any dog or other pet must be tied and controlled at all times within the whole of the enclosure of Huertos La Punta.
  • You can not carry out any illegal activity in the enclosure of Huertos La Punta.